Privacy Policy

ResortQuest Whistler uses the following customer information privacy policy for visitors to the website. When you visit the website you agree to the following visitor information collection and usage policy by ResortQuest Whistler.

Visitor Information Collection

Information about visitors to this website is tracked using analytics data collection. This information includes IP addresses, browser type, pages viewed and other aspects of visitors traffic to the website. Information is stored on the webhosting server. Third party analytics software may be used to collect visitor information. As a visitor to the website you consent to the collection of this type of analytics based information collection and usage by ResortQuest Whistler.

Visitor Information Usage

ResortQuest Whistler uses website visitor information for a variety of company purposes for customer service, quality assurance, company reporting and sales marketing. Specific visitor information is disclosed by ResortQuest Whistler when required by the laws of Canada.

Links To Other Websites

The website may link at times to other external websites. ResortQuest Whistler makes no representations, claims or warranties regarding these external websites that are linked to. You should review the Privacy Policy for these external websites that are linked to if you visit them.

More Information

For more detailed information or questions about the privacy policy for this website, please contact ResortQuest Whistler directly.